MLM Compensation Plans

by Trisha Frauenhofer on March 28, 2012

MLM Compensation Plans

MLM Compensation Plans

Understanding MLM Compensation Plans

Have you been thinking about getting into multilevel selling? More  people are pondering it because it’s a good home run enterprise that may earn you lots of money. But use caution, look long and hard at the MLM compensation plan the company offers.

There are several points to consider:

Ideally you could have done plenty of homework about the firms you are considering joining. You should’ve spent a lot of time online attempting to find any info you can about those companies. You might find that all that beefs that you can find seem to come from unhappy distributors, the majority of the time it is down to the fact they believed MLM was a make money fast scheme and they didn’t have to do any work! Folks have to work conscientiously at their roles to achieve success. You know that, and you also know hundreds of people you can sell the product to or sponsor into your downline.

Truth Talk About MLM Compensation Plans

But did you ever get a straight answer about the compensation plan the company was offering?

Did you even ask?

If you did, are you still scratching your head and thinking you must be foolish not to be able to understand what he was talking about?

Here’s the thing. Most MLM compensation plans are not tough to work out if you go over it a few times and essentially pretend, on paper, you are building up a business.

Actually this is commonly a good exercise to do so that you can outline a pleasant plan of action and a few  goals.

In each business there are terms unusual to that business. It isn’t important to completely understand what a matrix system a binary system or an Australian one up system is. It’s not crucial.

The question is are folks making the sort of money that you would like to make within the specific program? The actuality is you may also, you just have to stand by and gear up to build your business.

Are MLM Compensation Plans  Bonuses Really Worth It?

One thing to take a look at is what the company pays and if there’s a sign up bonus.

Say as an example it costs $200 to join are you going to get an indication up bonus of perhaps $20? It’s good, it is a bonus but there perhaps other companies that provide a $50 bonus on the $200 sign up.

The reason this is vital to consider is actually because you and everyone on your team will at last run right out of folk you know to present your product, service or business proposition to.

So you’ll need to leap into the wonderful arena of marketing. And there’s a cost involved in selling.

So any sign up bonus monies earned can be used to form a nice advertising budget to keep your business going in the longer term.

But if you do not make any money signing folks up, how are you going to afford to continue to market and promote your business?

So commissions earned for staying in private production could make or break your business.

You most likely heard of heavy hitters, these are the guys that join up, are extraordinarily successful, and built their enterprises fast. Are you going to be paid for their efforts as well , or are you going to balance the legs of your binary plan by finding an equally hard hitter?

Bottom line: Select 2 or 3 companies you are considering and compare their “MLM compensation plans” side by side as if you’re really building up a business. Pencil out the number and decide which best matches the income levels you would like to achieve.

They really need to have super support and awesome training.  I use a proven system that works with all MLMs that does all this and much, much more.  For details CLICK HERE…


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MLM Network Marketing Lead

by Trisha Frauenhofer on March 27, 2012

MLM Network Marketing Lead

MLM Network Marketing Lead

Top Producer MLM Network Marketing Lead Tips

You need lots of leads. A pile of fresh MLM network marketing leads. Because with enough leads – the rest of your business will take care of itself.

But there are both good leads and bad leads. Aged leads and fresh leads. All types of leads and all types of prospects. So how can you sort through of these various options?

Are you absolutely committed to building a profitable business fast? Then you should realize – right here, right now – the only way you will enjoy massive success will be to master sponsoring and recruiting and MLM network marketing lead generation. Success is simply a matter of becoming very skilled in these two disciplines. Guaranteed.

MLM Netswork Marketing Lead Notes

“MLM network marketing lead” generation can be broken down into four general categories. Broader still – there are free leads and paid leads. For example, you can buy business opportunity seeker leads from a lead broker… or you can advertise to produce leads. You can cold call or simply approach your warm market… or you can attract free leads by producing, publishing and promoting valuable content.

Who is on your Christmas card list? Who would you invite to your wedding or some other special occasion?

This is your warm market list. So compile their contact information and make it a point to connect by phone, email or even write a personal note. Find out where they are at. What kind of  fun, exciting and wonderful things are going on in their lives right now? Are they suffering in some way you might be able to help? If so, guide them to your presentation or ask them to try your products. Then simply follow up to collect a decision. Do they want to come onboard as a customer, as a new team builder or perhaps not at all. Either way, it’s all good.

Because unless you have a plan for meeting and establishing new relationships on a consistent basis, it is going to happen. So you have to plan for it. Because you have to stay in the game by actively and aggresssively introducing new people to your products, services and opportunity on a regular basis to make the big money.

Purchasing a MLM Network Marketing Lead

Online MLM network marketing lead generation companies and brokers will be more than happy to supply you with as many new leads as you want for a price. Do a quick search and you’ll find leads for pennies and leads for many, many dollars. Price differences are determined by the age of the leads, quality of the lead source and how many times the leads will be resold. Type of information provided also plays a part.

Understand, however, it costs a significant amount of time, energy and money to generate a generic business opportunity seeker lead so, to cover costs and to generate a nice profit, all lead brokers resell the same MLM network marketing lead information three to six times or more. So keep that in mind. Because you will not be the only active marketer seeking to build a business that will be connecting with that prospect.

Interested in generating your own leads?

There is an infinite amount of ways to make that happen. Think classified ads both online and offline. You can post help wanted or business opportunity ads on Craigslist or USFree ads. Place banner ads. Invest in list exchanges. Funnel traffic to your pages via pay-per-click or per-per-view or even video exposure. The sky is the limit. You can even outsource all of these promotional efforts if you want. The downside is this can become very cost prohibitive very quickly because you will need to generate lots of leads to find those are not only interested in learning more – but who can also afford to get started.

Welcome to Attraction Marketing & Funded Proposals

Consider this. What if you could find a way to attract interested prospects into learning more about your business versus seeking to find them? Do you think this would generate a high quality MLM network marketing lead for you? Of course. And the magic is these people are already pre-disposed to doing business because they were active looking for more information.

Picture this. I have a challenge. I’m looking for a solution. You offer free tips and insights I can use today. Right here. Right now. So now I have come to know you, like you and appreciate you. And when the time is right for me to move forward in a direction you are offering… I’m all the more likely to make that happen. Wouldn’t you agree? Of course. So now stay in touch and, over time, as you continue to offer a variety of free services and helpful information… samples or whatever I might find of interest… chance are very good we will eventually do business.

Don’t miss out on the premier lead generation site at


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